The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires each state to designate an ombudsman to help ensure equity for private school children, teachers, and other educational personnel. Responsibilities include monitoring and enforcing equitable services provisions involving private school services, as well as assisting school systems in the following areas:

  • Preparing for and conducting private school consultation meetings;
  • Preparing required communications to private schools regarding program scope of work, funding generated, and evaluation of services; and
  • Providing support if there are unresolved issues between local school systems and private school officials.

For assistance with ESSA implementation involving equitable services to private schools, contact Daphne Flentroy, LDOE Ombudsman, at Daphne.Flentroy@la.gov.

For further information about equitable services, see:

Equitable Services Forms

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Affirmation of Consultation and Agreement with Nonpublic Schools Download
Equitable Services Complaint Form Download
Equitable Services Meaningful Consultation Checklist Download
Flexible Timeline for LEA Meaningful On-going Consultation Download
Intent to Participate Form A Download
NP Carryover Request Fillable Form B Download
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