Diplomas and Transcripts

Duplicate High School Transcripts

Students can acquire a copy of their transcripts from their local school, school district or the Louisiana Department of Education.

Schools and school districts maintain permanent records and provide electronic copies to the Louisiana Department of Education via Student Transcript System (STS). To expedite your request for a duplicate transcript, please contact your local school district.

To request a copy of your duplicate transcript from the Louisiana Department of Education, please mail a completed and signed Request for Duplicate High School Transcript form with a payment of $5 per transcript (corporate checks, money orders and cashiers checks are accepted; personal checks and cash are not accepted) to:

Louisiana Department of Education
ATTN: Duplicate Transcripts
P.O. Box 94064
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9064

The Department of Education is unable to verify that your form is received. To receive verification that your request has been received, please send your request via Certified Mail which will provide you with a receipt confirming delivery.

If a third-party individual or agency is requesting a copy of your transcript on your behalf, a signed statement authorizing release of the information, and a copy of driver's license or state issued identification, must be included with the completed form.

Fixing an Error on a Transcript

If there is an error on your transcript, please contact your local school district which is the only entity that can amend a school transcript.

If you have questions about transcripts, please contact transcripts@la.gov.