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Child Day Care Center – any facility that provides care to 7 or more children on a regular basis for at least 12.5 hours a week.

Bulletin 137 – Early Learning Site Licensing Regulations

Monitoring and Inspections Requirement

After initial licensure, inspections shall be conducted as deemed necessary by the department at regular intervals not to exceed one year, and without notice to the early learning center.


Each Early Learning Center has a Licensing Consultant. Please use the chart below to identify your Licensing Consultant.

First Letter of the Center’s Name

Licensing Consultant

A, D, N, O, W, and Z

B and L

C, G, I, and Y

E, F, R, T, U and V

H, J, and S

K, M, P, Q, and X

Family and In-Home Providers


Feel free to contact your Licensing Consultant at their email address listed above or via phone at 225-342-9905.

COVID-19 Application Update

With recent events surrounding the onset of COVID-19, prospective and licensed center owners are not required to submit an application in CAFÉ for an initial, change of ownership (CHOW), or change of location (CHOL) license.

Please complete the application and contact the Licensing Consultant assigned to your center.

Fees will not be requested at this time.

March, April, and May 2020 renewals have been extended 90 days for each month noted (Example: new expiration for March 2020 renewals is now June 30, 2020).

For any questions call 225-342-9905 or email

Initial Licensure

For Licensed providers - Child care providers are inspected upon initial licensure request (pre-licensure) and then at least annually unannounced.

Guidance on the Different License Types

Early Childhood Key Orientation Training Modules

Key Orientation Training Modules have been developed to help early learning centers and family child care meet the licensing requirement for all new early learning staff to participate in orientation within the first days of hire. The modules are in a self-paced, digital format, with audio and closed captioning.

Bulletin 137 Licensing Regulations Courses

These courses provide an overview of Bulletin 137 – Louisiana’s Early Learning Center Licensing Regulations. The modules were designed for all administrators, directors, director designees, teachers, and other support staff that own, operate and/or work in a licensed early learning center. Providers will earn one training hour for each module completed.

Course 1 - Chapters 1 - 9 - Bulletin 137 - Louisiana's Early Learning Center Licensing Regulations

Course 2 - Chapters 11 - 17 - Bulletin 137 - Louisiana's Early Learning Center Licensing Regulations

Course 3 - Chapter 18 - Bulletin 137 - Louisiana's Early Learning Center Licensing Regulations

Course 4 - Chapters 19 - 21 - Bulletin 137 - Louisiana's Early Learning Center Licensing Regulations