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Louisiana Content Leaders

Content Leaders are local educators who have the knowledge, skills, and concrete resources to provide high-quality, content-rich, and curriculum specific professional development to teachers in their school/school system. They support the development of other educators during teacher collaboration time through lesson and unit unpacking or re-delivery of content modules.

The Content Leader role is also an important step in the leadership pipeline for talented local educators.

Goal: Provide Content-Rich & Curriculum-Specific Professional Development

Though most school systems across Louisiana have made great strides in increasing the quality of instructional materials used in classrooms, very few teachers report having access to high-quality, ongoing professional development that helps them navigate and use their curriculum effectively.

Curriculum-Specific Professional Development

Goal: Create Leadership Pathways for Talented Local Educators

The teaching profession remains relatively flat with a dearth of leadership opportunities between classroom teaching and principalships. For some educators who want to remain in the classroom, this can mean limited options to grow and take on additional responsibility. In turn, educators who do wish to become principals don’t always have the opportunity to build the necessary knowledge and skill in a scaffolded way over time. 

The Content Leader role is an important step in the leadership pipeline for talented local educators

Leadership Pipeline

Content Leaders receive

Nine Days of Training

High-quality, content-rich and curriculum-specific trainings that focus on developing:



deep knowledge of ELA, Math, Science, or K-2 Literacy content and content pedagogy,

the knowledge and skills they need to effectively use high-quality curriculum in ELA, Mathematics, Science, or K-2 Literacy, and

knowledge of adult learning theory and the skills to facilitate high-quality learning experiences for fellow educators.
Free Access to Training

Access to turn-key ELA (grades 3-10), math (grades K-9), science (grades K-12), Literacy (K-2) content modules to support fellow educators

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and Content Leader modules.

Content Leader training and Mentor Teacher training will create opportunities for educators across the state to develop the skills and knowledge needed to better support other educators. Visit the Mentor Teacher page for additional information about Mentor Teachers and their training.

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