School Transportation

The Louisiana Department of Education, School Bus Transportation Program provides training and technical assistance to the transportation supervisors of local school districts and to private contractors who provide transportation services to public schools. The program staff is responsible for ensuring that all legislative and policy changes are reflected in the revisions of Bulletin 119: Louisiana School Transportation Specifications and Procedures, and for establishing, adopting and promulgating regulations regarding the design, construction, equipment and operation of school buses used in transporting children to and from school.

Louisiana School Bus Driver Instructor Certification Program Requirements

In accordance with Louisiana RS 17.497.4, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) provides a school bus driver instructor certification program to eligible applicants who wish to conduct school bus driver pre-service training programs. Every school bus driver pre-service training instructor, whether employed by a Local Education Agency or by a contracted-service provider must complete applicable certification, re-certification and training update requirements as developed by the department. For additional information on the Louisiana School Bus Transportation Program, please click here to access:

Bulletin 119: “Louisiana School Transportation Specifications and Procedures.”

2019 Louisiana School Bus Regulations, Specifications, and Inspections

2020 Louisiana Student Transportation Operational Procedures

School Bus Transportation Emergency Preparedness Operation

The Louisiana Department of Education and the Department of Transportation and Development have an interagency agreement to secure the use of available school buses in-school and out-of-school in the event of an emergency evacuation.