Nonpublic Schools (Not Seeking State Approval)

Louisiana families and schools also have the option of educating children at a Nonpublic School (Not Seeking State Approval).

Nonpublic School (Not Seeking State Approval) Guidelines

Please note that the collection of information on Nonpublic Schools (Not Seeking State Approval) by the Louisiana Department of Education does not serve as approval of a Home Study Program for enrolled students, does not make students eligible for Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) scholarships, and does not serve as confirmation that students are meeting compulsory attendance laws. The Department cannot confirm whether students attending Nonpublic Schools (Not Seeking State Approval) are meeting compulsory attendance and as to whether these organizations meet the statutory definition of a school set forth in R.S. 17:236. 
Additionally, in accordance with R.S. 17:221.3, for every student who has withdrawn from a public school during a given school year, as well as for a student who had attended a public school at the end of the previous school year, the parent or guardian must provide written notification directly to the public school that each student had attended immediately prior to enrollment. Such written notification may include a written request for a student's transcript if such transcript request occurs after the student has been accepted for enrollment. Such written notification shall occur within ten days of the enrollment of such student.


Families and schools may use a simple, user-friendly online system to submit their nonpublic school attendance information. This system allows nonpublic schools (not seeking state approval) register by submitting their attendance information to the LDE by the thirtieth day after school begins.

If you are unable to submit online due to extenuating circumstances, please contact or the Department's toll free number at 1.877.453.2721.

Once the nonpublic school (not seeking state approval) submits attendance information, they will receive an automatic confirmation via email. Please see the Home Study Application page if you are wishing to submit.

Register a Nonpublic School