Louisiana Corporate Partnerships

Louisiana Corporate Partnerships offer a unique opportunity for charter schools and businesses to collaborate. Whether it be through the initial charter application process or by an amendment of existing charter, such partnerships can be mutually beneficial for both parties. Benefits of Corporate Partnership might include:


  • Establish partnerships with public education

  • Attract employees and business to your local community through high quality school options

  • Help train qualified, skilled workers for the 21st century workforce

  • Provide technology and infrastructure students need

Charter Schools

  • Establish partnerships with the business community

  • Build a stronger board of directors 

  • Obtain the infrastructure students need to be successful 

  • Focus on instruction and results

In order for a business to be considered a Corporate Partner, it must individually, or as part of a consortium of businesses, donate one or more of the following to the school in an amount equivalent to at least 50% of the per pupil allocation: land, building space, renovations to existing school building, and/or technology.  Through the mutually beneficial relationship, Corporate Partners are entitled to up to 50% of the school seats for dependents of company employees as well as a minority percentage of charter school board seats.

In order to form a Corporate Partnership, businesses would enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the school outlining the ways in which businesses would be involved in providing support.

Refer to Chapter 39 of the Charter Schools bulletin titled Corporate Partnerships and the Louisiana Corporate Partnerships FAQ to learn more. Please send remaining questions to charters@la.gov.