CLASS Exemplar Video Library

CLASS® is a research-based system of measurements used to evaluate, and improve teacher-child interactions. In Louisiana, all publicly-funded child care, Head Start, and pre-K classrooms receive at least two CLASS® observations a year. These observations are used to calculate Early Childhood Performance Ratings, reported each fall on Site and Network Performance Profiles.

In order to support teachers in Louisiana’s Head Start, pre-K, and child care programs, the Louisiana Department of Education along with the Cecil J. Picard Center at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has developed a set of videos with quality examples of the domains and dimensions within the Pre-K and Toddler versions of the CLASS® tool. These high-quality examples were filmed in Louisiana classrooms.

A focus text of each clip relating to the categorized CLASS® dimension is hyperlinked below the video.



Emotional Support

Emotional and Behavioral Support


Classroom Organization


Engaged Support for Learning