2020 Teacher Leader Collaboration Materials

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2020 Teacher Leader Summit

2020 Teacher Leader Summit Materials

2020 Presenter Session Management in Sched Download
2020 Teacher Leader Summit: The Virtual Series Web-portal and App Guide Download
2020 TL Summit Registration Report for School Systems as of May 27 Download
2020 Virtual Summit Session List Download
Virtual Summit Live Broadcasts Download
2020_A009_Identifying and Supporting SIFEs Download
2020_A014_Access and Opportunity Download
2020_A100_Implementing a Whole Child Approach to Education Download
2020_A101_CDC School Health Index Download
2020_A102_Building Blocks to a Healthier Environment Download
2020_A104_Supporting Healthy Eating Download
2020_A105_Assessing School PE Download
2020_A106_Closing the Achievement Gap-Role of School Download
2020_A122_ELA Guidebooks Download
2020_A123_High School Student Planning Supports Download
2020_A125_Accelerated Student Learning Download
2020_E025_Emerging Brain Research for Teachers Download
2020_E039_ACS Teacher Leader Coalitions Session Download
2020_E040_Give Jargon the Boot: Communication Strategies for Early Childhood Leaders Download
2020_E048_Leading for Impact Download
2020_E048_LeadingforImpact Download
2020_E052_Using CLASS in Classrooms That Include Children with Disabilities Download
2020_E059_Family Child Care Download
2020_E071_7 - Essentials Presentation Download
2020_E072_Supporting Our Youngest Readers Download
2020_E078_Promise of CLASS for Infants Toddlers Download
2020_E079_Bridging the gap Download
2020_E084_Getting Children Ready to Learn with LPB Download
2020_E084_LeadingforImpact Download
2020_E092_Continuing Professional Development During COVID Download
2020_L004_Academic Strategy 2020-2021 Download
2020_L026_L026_ K-3 CLASS Intro for Teachers and Leaders Download
2020_L028_L028_ K-3 CLASS Advanced for Teachers and Leaders_ Improving Instructional Support interactions in K-2 classrooms Download
2020_L045_Building Louisianas Mentor Cadre Download
2020_L053_From Planning to Action_ Effectively Using Your Professional Development Resources Download
2020_L056_NIET Intentional Coaching Download
2020_L058_Mentoring for Alternate Certification Candidates Download
2020_L079_LeveragingVirtualLearning Download
2020_L080_Better Together Download
2020_L082_ELA Guidebooks - Distance Learning in a Low-Tech Environment, Grades 3-8 Download
2020_L083_ELA Guidebooks - Distance Learning in a Low-Tech Environment, Grades 9-12 Download
2020_L084_ELA Guidebooks - Distance Learning in a High-Tech Environment Download
2020_L086_Strong Start 2020_ Addressing Unfinished Learning in the 2020-2021 School Year Download
2020_L087_Strong Start_ Supporting Students with Disabilities in Continuous Learning Download
2020_L088_Strong Start - Adaptive and Flexible Staffing Plans Download
2020_L089_Strong Start 2020 - Technology for Continuous Learning-Summit Download
2020_L090_Talent Best Practices in a Virtual Environment Download
2020_T051_Amplify Science-Navigating Prgm Essentials K-2 Download
2020_T052_Amplify Science-Navigating Prgm Essentials K-2 Download
2020_T093_ELA Guidebooks - Transitioning Guidebooks to High-Tech Distance Learning Download
2020_T094_The Power of Two-Four Key Principles for Co-Teaching Download