Jan 27, 2021

‘Believe to Achieve’ serves as state’s roadmap to improve outcomes for all Louisiana children

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Ensuring every child is on track for success after graduation, removing barriers to equity and providing educators with what they need to be at their best are among the priorities as the Louisiana Department of Education sets an ambitious course forward. The Department released Believe to Achieve: Educational Priorities today. This priorities plan serves as the Department’s roadmap to improving outcomes for all Louisiana children. 

“As we educate through this pandemic, we must be mindful of challenges and opportunities beyond COVID-19,” said State Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley. “This plan takes an honest look at where we stand as a state and areas that deserve our shared attention.”

Believe to Achieve includes the Department’s new belief statements, state data to help track progress toward Louisiana’s six critical goals and the new priorities that will direct the LDOE’s efforts as they work toward achieving the critical goals. Each priority outlines focus areas for the key actions and initiatives.

The Department’s priorities are:

  • Ensure every student is on track to a professional career, college degree or service

  • Remove barriers and create equitable, inclusive learning experiences for all children

  • Provide the highest quality teaching and learning environment

  • Develop and retain a diverse, highly-effective educator workforce

  • Cultivate high-impact systems, structures and partnerships

Believe to Achieve was months in the making. The LDOE began developing the priorities plan following the September release of Dr. Brumley’s 100-day report. Along with the public-facing document released today, the Department is developing an internal work plan that will operationalize each priority and track our progress. Believe to Achieve opens by listing the Department’s guiding belief statements:

  • Children are our highest priority

  • Families are our partners

  • Educators are valued professionals

  • Graduates must be ready

  • Equity matters

  • Choice expands opportunities

  • Schools are invaluable to communities

  • Our future is bright

The priorities plan also includes data on Louisiana schools, early learning centers and children, educator workforce data and state education data based on Louisiana’s six critical goals. Those goals are: students enter kindergarten ready; students will achieve Mastery level on third-grade assessments and enter fourth grade prepared for grade-level content; students will achieve Mastery level on eighth-grade assessments and enter ninth grade prepared for grade-level content; students will graduate on time; graduates will graduate with a college and/or career credential; and graduate eligible for a TOPS award.  

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