School and Center Performance


Since 1999, the state has issued School Performance Scores for public schools, which are based on student achievement data. To clearly communicate the quality of school performance to families and the public, Louisiana adopted letter grades (A-F). All schools with sufficient data receive school performance scores.

View video on how school performance scores are created.

Starting in 2017, all publicly funded early childhood programs including early childhood centers, Head Start and pre-K will receive performance ratings detailing how well the program is preparing children for Kindergarten.

View video on how early childhood performance profiles are created.


Communicating School and Center Performance

Both school performance scores and early childhood performance profiles are reported through the Louisiana School Finder.

The Louisiana School Finder provides families with:

  • school performance scores and early childhood performance ratings to show how well schools and centers are preparing students for the next grade-level;
  • basic information about schools and centers such as their address, website, hours of operation, licensing reports and principal or director’s name; and
  • listings of course offerings, clubs, enrichment and extracurricular activities.

Schools and centers across the state are encouraged to hold parent nights to discuss their results with families, in order to have open and honest conversations about their performance and plans for improvement. The Department has released a customizable presentation for K-12 schools and early childhood programs to support school and center leaders with these conversations. 

2017-2018 Results

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