Preschool Expansion Grant

Using the community network pilot model as the centerpiece, Louisiana applied for $32 million over 4 years to expand high-quality preschool programs in high-need communities through a unique parent choice model. Among a competitive field, Louisiana was selected to receive funding which not only validates the pilot model but will provide Louisiana children with:

  • New Quality PreK Seats through Choice: Families of 4,600 at-risk children will be able to choose a new, high-quality option in diverse settings including child care, Head Start, nonpublic and public schools; and

  • Improved Seats: Families of 6,000 at-risk children will benefit from quality improvements for existing seats. Children will have 1) a credentialed teacher who is receiving coaching and professional development and 2) access to comprehensive services.

In 2015-16, funding will go to 6 Cohort 1 Community Network Pilots in high-need communities (Caddo, City of Monroe (Ouachita), Iberville, Lincoln, Orleans, Rapides). Starting with the 2016-17 school year, all communities in Louisiana that are successfully implementing Act 3 will be able to apply for funding to offer new and/or improve existing seats. Please click here to learn more.